About Clapham Park Bathrooms

Our Story

The story of how Clapham Park Bathrooms came to be is one of a natural career progression.

The founder of our company initially flirted with the idea of becoming a plumber. He was employed by a local plumber’s merchants while searching for an apprenticeship at the innocent age of sixteen.

Little did he know that he would soon be gaining valuable industry knowledge while working on high-volume contract jobs in hotels, hospitals and restaurants. These projects required a finesse for balancing form and function, but often entailed the opportunity for design versatility too.

He then moved companies and worked his way up to Bathroom Show Manager over the course of six years. After the company closed, he found himself at a crossroads.

From here, a team was assembled with the expertise and professional repertoire to blueprint the epitome of bathroom specialists.

Clapham Park Bathrooms was created in April 2016.