A toilet is not just a toilet!

Added: 23rd April 2018

A lot of people think a toilet is a toilet..... This is not the case! Have a read below and watch the video of the most efficient flush on the market!

​Swirlflush is available on most GSI toilets.....

The most evident characteristic is the absence of the rim, inside of which in a normal WC, the water circulates while flushing. The particular shape of the SwirlFlush® system leads the water on the ceramic surfaces in a uniform manner, ensuring optimum cleaning and an improved flushing performance. The SwirlFlush® WC design also facilitates the normal operations of cleaning the sanitaryware, since it does not present any hidden parts or parts that are difficult to reach. This combined with the ExtraGlaze® treatment, makes surfaces extremely polished and smooth, guaranteeing hygiene with minimum effort.